Murder, Mayhem, Mystery and the Birth of Motion Pictures

Travel back 120 years to the birth of motion pictures -- an Industrial Revolution tale filled with international intrigue, mechanical marvels, fabulous flops and even some murder and mayhem too. See rare clips of the earliest motion 
pictures and learn how inventors such as Edison established the path leading to today’s dazzling blockbusters. 

Meet Lewis Hine: America's Most Important Photographer

An unassuming man, Hine often posed as a bible salesman to gain access to the factories and coal mines of 1900s America. His haunting images of rampant child labor opened our nation’s eyes. Along with historical perspectives and a video montage, Pierce portrays America’s first - and most important - photojournalist. See his “portable” camera as well as display panels  highlighting the work of a true photography pioneer.

Berlin 1936: Hitler's Games vs. America's Heroes

The 1936 Summer Games were the most fascinating Olympics of all time. Against the backdrop of Hitler’s rise, stood Jesse Owens, The Boys in the Boat and eight more tales of resolute determination. Compelling, heartbreaking and ultimately victorious, if you love underdogs, this is your program. 

The Tragic, Remarkable Life of America's First Sports Hero

One hundred years ago, Christy Mathewson was as well known as Michael Jordan. Today he’s almost forgotten. Hear Mathewson’s remarkable and tragic story. More than a sports program, enjoy a vivid glimpse into turn-of-the-century America. Accompanying memorabilia and banner displays too!

Without a Mask: The Daredevil Goalies of Hockey

Through the 1960s, most goalies never wore facemasks. They were a special kind of eccentric. Hear tales of ice hockey’s most courageous, quirky and colorful characters. An action-packed presentation filled with glory, guts and gore! Includes memorabilia and a banner tribute to the 1961 Champion Chicago Black Hawks too!

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